World has created many product and store brands with various values in the past. These brands are the result of our unique creativity and have served to enhance the values of fashion in society. However, such values do not remain unchanged; instead, they change as customer needs change over time. In order to continue evolving as a "Value-Creating Enterprise," we at World must keep creating new values in response to ever-changing customer needs.

Wholehearted Creation and Sharing of Values
Always Strive to Go Beyond

Our enduring aspiration in this statement reflects our strong determination to continue self- transformation and evolution—now and into the future. We strive to attract customers and keep innovating ourselves toward new possibilities by building a system that enables us to constantly offer values to customers and by putting that system into action.

(株)ワールド代表取締役社長 執行役員 鈴木 信輝(すずき のぶてる)
WORLD Co., Ltd. Representative
Director of the Board President,
Representative Managing Executive
Officer Nobuteru Suzuki