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New Company to Commence Operations

As part of efforts to establish a domestic supply chain management (SCM) platform originating from retail outlets, World Co., Ltd., has set up a new company, T Cube Co., Ltd., to undertake planning, development and sales of materials. The following preparations are currently underway toward launching operations in October 2007.

1. Reason for establishing new company

As we strive to achieve maximum customer value and productivity, we have decided upon the SPARCS* concept, a customer-centric system that unifies the entire business process, from retail to production, thereby converting losses and inefficiencies into new value. To realize this concept in terms of production, we are moving ahead with establishing an SCM platform that is synchronized with retail outlets, beyond boundaries of formal capital relationships. The addition of this new company to handle planning, development, and sales of competitive materials will allow the World Group to establish a single production mechanism for eliminating loss throughout the entire process from material manufacturing to product finishing, as well as the cultivation of human resources who are engaged in apparel production technology.

Concretely, the new company will undertake the planning and development of fabrics, based on the specific needs of our brands centered around high-design wool, cotton and fiber blends, and will sell manufactured fabrics. It will also establish a system for supplying sewing businesses with materials that have a consistent level of quality to prevent inefficiencies at the apparel production stage. The new company also intends to cultivate personnel with technical capabilities related to material development and apparel production.

As this project is taking place in the Bishu region, one of the major bases of operations for the Japanese textile industry, we plan to promote cooperation with other production sites.

  • *World's proprietary business model, combining Super, Production, Apparel, Retail, and Customer Satisfaction.

2. Overview of new company

1. Name
T Cube Co., Ltd. (abbreviation, T³)
2. Main business
Planning, development and sales of materials;
quality assurance for materials; supply for apparel production; cultivation of personnel for apparel production; others
3. Established
June 29, 2007
4. Start of operations
October 1, 2007
5. Headquarters
4-33-1 Shimokawada-cho, Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture
6. President
Kiyotaka Mizuguchi (concurrently General Manager of SCM reorganization Dept., World Co., Ltd.)
7. Capitalization
¥50 million (World Co., Ltd. 90%; Sotoh Corporation 10%)
8. Fiscal year end
March 31

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Copyrights © WORLD CO., LTD. All rights reserved.