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"Jewel VOCE" Brand Proposing Cool Feminine Style to Be Launched in Spring 2007 for Career Women Aged from 25 to Early 30s

World Co., Ltd. (SPA Platform Operations Department) is pleased to announce that it will launch the brand "Jewel VOCE" targeting career women aged 25 to their early 30s in spring of this year.

"Jewel VOCE" career-oriented brand that proposes a "cool feminine style"

The focus of women who have been regular readers of fashion magazines such as CanCam since their early 20s has been on a "cute," feminine style. Now in their late 20s, these women have become more intent on a style that portrays them as "cute yet adult" with a desire to shine and stand out like a jewel in terms of fashion and lifestyle.
"Jewel VOCE" was showcased for a limited time in "AneCan" stores* opened in designated department stores last year. The "cool feminine style" transcending the younger "cute" concept was extremely well received by career women aged 25 to their early 30s. The brand will be fully introduced this spring to capture a slice of this new market. The line of apparel will range from jackets tailored for the commuter and casual clothing such as jerseys and pullovers ideal for the weekend through to dresses for special occasions. Combining a trendy yet elegant style befitting adult women with fine materials and delicacy will ensure that the needs of this target market are met.
* AneCan : Abbreviated and combined term of "oneisan-kei CanCam." "Ane" is another way of saying "oneisan." AneCan is also a fashion magazine name targeting women over age 25 who have changed from reading CanCam magazine.
* AneCan store : Shop opened for a limited period by fashion magazine AneCan in collaboration with department stores.


  • Stylish line (Commuter casual)
    Besides stylish, beautiful jackets that look great in the office, this spring's collection includes A-line collarless jackets with a retro-couture look (reminiscent of the 1950s - 1960s), puffy, short-sleeve jackets (puffed-up at the folds) and tight skinny pants. These items are not only perfect for the office but also social events after work.
  • Casual line (Weekend casual)
    Featuring a variety of versatile single items ranging from jerseys, pullovers and knitwear to inner wear and accessories, the items in this line embody the splendor and shine the brand name Jewel suggests. The different materials with a silky feeling, components and techniques used encapsulate this spring's trends while sparkling like Swarovski crystals.
  • Dress-up line (For special occasions)
    This line targets women who frequently attend weddings at hotels or restaurants or who simply enjoy dinner parties. The design of clothing is accentuated by using ribbons, lace and frills - trends for this spring - to bring out the delicate side of a woman, while the well-defined pleats and tucks create a stylish dress-up mode.
Composition ratio

Stylish line:Casual line:Dress-up line = 50:30:20
Fashion Accessories = 15%

Brand Overview

Brand name Jewel VOCE
Jewel VOCE
* The words combine to mean studded with precious stones.
Store details
Opening dayStoreFloorSales Area
March 7, 2007
Marui Omiya 3rd Approx. 54m²
March 7, 2007
Granduo Tachikawa 2nd 66m²
Target Career women aged 25 to their early 30s
Concept Meeting women's current desire to sparkle by proposing a "cool feminine style" combined with moderate elegance and distinctively feminine details based on a cool and stylish taste for women who want to keep on shining like a jewel.
Main sales channel Department store, Fashion buildings, Terminal Station
Item handled Apparel, Fashion accessories
Main items
and price range for
spring / summer 2007
Main itemsPrice range
Jackets ¥21,000 - ¥33,000
Skirts ¥13,000 - ¥17,000
Pants ¥15,000 - ¥17,000
Dresses ¥15,000 - ¥33,000
Knitwear ¥6,900 - ¥13,000
Cut and Sewn ¥4,900 - ¥13,000
Blouses ¥5,900 - ¥11,000
Fashion Accessories
(bags,shoes, accessories, etc.)
¥5,900 - ¥30,000

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