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Conduct in Relation to Society and Governments

Contribution to Local Communities

World Group fulfills its responsibilities as a local community member by promoting alliance and cooperation with local communities and maintaining good relationships with them.
World Group complies with national and regional laws and regulations, respects local culture and customs, and operates its business in a manner contributory to local community development.

Contribution to the General Society

World Group's corporate philosophy states that it should be a business group that contributes to the life and culture of people, always takes steps forward, and is always trustworthy. The Group strives to be an enterprise widely and warmly accepted and understood by society. In order to be such an enterprise, the Group performs appropriate public relations and hearing activities, promotes two-way communications with its customers and the general society, and strives to be justly and correctly evaluated and understood by society.
As a corporate citizen, the Group strives to deepen mutual understanding with the general society, and contributes to society through cultural, sport, and other activities.

Conduct in Relation to Governments

World Group reports appropriately to governments, strives to maintain healthy relationships with governments, and pays taxes in accordance with laws and regulations, to contribute to society.

Exclusion of Anti-social Groups and Organizations

World Group systematically and bravely counters anti-social groups, organizations, and crime syndicates that threaten or sabotage corporate activities. The Group flatly rejects any demand from such anti-social groups and organizations, and the Group never associates itself with any of them.

WORLD Copyrights © WORLD CO., LTD. All rights reserved.

Copyrights © WORLD CO., LTD. All rights reserved.