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Conduct in Relation to Employees

Realization of a Human Resources Management System that Develops and Celebrates Each Employee's Abilities

World Group believes that it is important to establish a human resources management system that develops and celebrates each employee's various abilities to the full, in order to continuously provide maximum value to its customers and improve its corporate value. Toward this goal, World Group strives to establish a just and fair human resources management system based on meritocracy, to respect and utilize diverse human resources and to provide employees with various employment-mode and work-style options.

Respect of Human Rights and Realization of Equal Employment Opportunities for All

World Group respects human rights. In order to realize equal employment opportunities for all in a workplace free of discrimination and harassment (e.g. power harassment, sexual harassment, etc.), the Group complies with relevant laws, regulations and internal rules, and enhances its employment environment to implement the said laws, regulations and internal rules.

Realization of Comfortable Work Environment

World Group complies with relevant laws, regulations and internal rules to protect its employees' health and safety, and establishes and continually improves an occupational health and safety system to realize a comfortable working environment.

Support for Employees' Skill Development

World Group respects every employee's personality and abilities, and supports their career pursuit and skill development for their self-realization in their own unique ways.

Sincere Dialogues and Discussions with Employees

World Group thinks highly of sincere dialogues and discussions directly with its employees or through their representative in order to realize healthy labor relations. The Group fully and openly communicates its management intentions to its employees, and utilizes its employees' constructive opinions in its management.

Prohibition of Child Labor and Forced Labor

World Group prohibits all forms of child labor, with the exception of those recognized by the relevant local laws and regulations to be reasonable due to the nature of work (such as employing child models for an apparel catalogue). World Group does not employ any forced labor.

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Copyrights © WORLD CO., LTD. All rights reserved.