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Conduct in Relation to Customers

Provision of Attractive Products and Services

World Group, from its inauguration, has kept it its management vision to realize a fashion business that can bring optimal value to its customers. The starting point of all its ideas is to maximize value for its customers. The Group believes that its comprehensive combination of products, services, and stores will deliver maximum value to its customers.
The Group aspires to become the "final destination store" for its customers, where they expect to find everything they want. The Group commits itself to be selected by customers as the best company by offering attractive products, services, and stores.

Pursuit of Product/Service Safety and Improvement in Quality

World Group commits itself to compliance with laws, regulations, and internal rules based on corporate ethics and social norms and standards, and to improvement of quality and services so that its customers may be safe and satisfied with its products and services.
The Group's products offered to its customers are manufactured under the watch of a comprehensive quality management system, and the products' safety and quality continue to be improved. The Group provides safe and satisfactory services to its customers through its store operations.

Provision of Appropriate Information Regarding Products, Services, Etc.

World Group provides detail explanation and appropriate information of its products, services, and stores to its customers for their clearer understanding. As for labeling about product quality and care instructions, the Group complies with the relevant laws, regulations and internal rules, and continually reviews and improves the contents on the labels from a customer's perspective to avoid misunderstanding and to assist clearer understanding.
Should there arise issues of its products or services, the Group will promptly address them, and where necessary, disclose relevant information timely and appropriately.

Inquiries from Consumers and Customers

World Group has a point of contact to receive customer inquiries on its products, services, and stores. The Group sincerely listens to the voice of the customers expressed in their opinions and requests, and responds to them appropriately and earnestly from the customers' point of view.
The Group will capture customer needs from their opinions and requests, and utilize them in development of attractive products, modes of operation, and provision of services in the future.

Protection of Personal Information

World Group will implement security measures to appropriately manage and protect the personal information provided by its customers through the course of its business operations, and implement education and training of its employees on protection of personal information.

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Copyrights © WORLD CO., LTD. All rights reserved.