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To fulfill our corporate social responsibility to stakeholders as a value-creating enterprise group, the World Group established the Compliance and Risk Management Division under the supervision of an officer in charge, and promotes thorough compliance group-wide.

World Group Code of Conduct

In July 2005, to carry out our social responsibility as a corporate citizen, we enacted the World Group Code of Conduct, which all World Group directors, officers and employees must follow.

Message from the Representative Dierctor of the Board

We believe the top-priority management goal of the World Group is to be a "Value-Creating Enterprise Group" within the fashion industry, continuously creating and delivering value to satisfy our customers.
This management goal can only be achieved by fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities based on compliance through our relationships to all our stakeholders.
To reinforce our efforts to promote a group-wide compliance system, we have enacted the World Group Code of Conduct, a list of principles outlining proper business conduct, which each of the World Group directors, officers, and employees must follow. The Code of Conduct reaches from the most basic, required legal compliance to the full extent of the Group's shared values, including compliance with internal rules, corporate ethics, social expectations and standards, and management philosophies to ensure sincere management. The Code of Conduct stipulates the Group's business conduct principles for managing business with integrity, maintaining harmony with all stakeholders, and improving World Group's corporate value.

June 17, 2005
Hidezo Terai
Representative Dierctor of the Board
World Co., Ltd.

Message from the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees proper corporate governance to ensure the efficiency of operations in accordance with this Code of Conduct for the ongoing improvement of World Group's corporate value. The board also contributes to maintaining a high level of transparency in management through measures including timely and appropriate information disclosure so that the Group continues to be an enterprise worthy of society's trust.

Companies in Scope

Consolidated subsidiaries of World Co., Ltd. based in Japan

People in Scope

All directors, officers, and employees (including part-time, temporary, and outsourced staff)


World Group continually promotes communication of the Group's compliance policy to its employees by implementing group-wide compliance training focusing on education on World Group Code of Conduct.

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